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The History of Tissot Watch
In 1853, Tissot was born in strength Locker, bordered on located at Swiss dwarf Loshan and the French frontier, has 8500 person of Swiss small towns.
From initially was located at on a small town strength Locker's small factory, develops the nowadays to sell the global Five Continents, to surpass 150 national the worldwide basis big enterprises. The penetration is in until now more than 150 year historic course, Tissot has devoted in the development can bring the pleasantly surprised innovation high quality replica tissot product for the customer.
The first pocket watch which produced from 1853; 1917 "banana banana" arc wrist watch; The 1930s's world first antimagnetic wrist watch and pearl fritillaria watch case (Pearl Watch) wrist watch; (Wood Watch) and the entire Huagang Crag watch case (Rock Watch) the wrist watch as well as today has the watch mirror touching display technology high tech titanium metal touching type (T-Touch) wrist watch to the 1980s's entire lignin watch case wrist watch, this kind of innovative spirit has not changed throughout.
As the brand founder Charles-Félicien son, Charles-Emile Tissot already had the plan to let the brand from the very beginning fashionable replica tissot seastar develop outside the Swiss border the place. This kind the spirit which dares to rush bravely, until now was still the cornerstone which the brand grows. In 1858, Charles-Emile had the pocket watch sample to leave strength Locker, arrived under the czar rule Russia, as soon as was published receives Russian aristocrat's welcome. 1904 sand royal troop watch was for the Russian imperial family guard's official, but designed specially the watch funds, its back czar military insignia symbol (Order of the Tsar) the icon, is duplicated until now still into Tissot to restore the old the treasured possession. Charles-Emile has used nearly for 20 years, from designer replica tissot t-sport St. Petersburg to the Okhotsk seacoast, stretches across the vast Russian empire.
Although Russia was Tissot biggest foreign market at that time, not only however the Charles-Emile judgment is far this, he men's replica tissot t-gold also notes the US and Latin America. As early as in 1848, he first time visited there, but until 1866, he only then truly started with American and the Latin America Corporation's trade activity. 1893 Chicago world expo, Charles-Emile became Switzerland to appraise one of members.
Along with Tissot in Europe's development, has obtained a substantial number of medal, like at Paris world expo (in 1878 silver medal and in 1889 gold medal), in Anvers (in 1890 gold medal) with Geneva (in 1896 gold medal) and so on; Supports in Tissot, has the international giant star "the cat king" Elvis Aron Presley, simultaneously it is also the Monaco royal court member most loves.
Tissot's innovative spirit inspires and assists its customer to conquer the mountain and the deep sea extreme environment, can see frequently in there has one's eyes tested and wear glasses day shuttle's Challenger. in 1965 the T-12 automatic wrist watch had been to Peruvian peacefully Si's Tsacra Grande, the date T-Touch wrist watch also has mounted at the present Nepal's sierra.
In 1853 was published from Tissot first pocket watch, to 2002 the revolutionary touching type technology's T-Touch watch, as well as in 2005 obtained many design patents the colored rose series wrist watch, Tissot makes the innovation and the pleasantly surprised product.
In order to express to the motherland Switzerland grand mountain deep love, in 1985 Tissot used on the Swiss mountain the mountain granite to make the watch case, made the rock commemoration wrist watch; in 1987 and in 1988, Tissot has promoted the unique wrist watch which one after another the use pearl fritillaria material and the high quality lumber manufacture.
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